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Fic: The Right Thing

Title: The Right Thing
Fandom: Women’s Murder Club
Pairing: Jill/Cindy
Rating: PG-13 (bit of language)
Word count: 700
Prompt: Hated
Summary: Jill tries to do the right thing.
A/N: This is a prequel/companion fic to Be Brave
A/N2: A bit angst-ier than my usual fluffiness. I'll most likely round this out with a third fic. At some point. ;)

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pimping new land comm

So I don't normally pimp things unless I really believe in them, and think they are truely awesome, and this is one of those times.

I know I have a lot of femslash fans on my flist, so go and have a look at this:

femslash_land femslash_land femslash_land

For those who are members of landcomms already and are sick of having to write het/ambiguous fic in order to win challenges, we need no longer conform! (lol)

And for those of you who aren't on any landcomms, this is a team challenge community where individuals compete in graphics and fic challenges, as well as do fun games and puzzles, to earn points for their team. It's a great place to meet new people, as well as participate in things you wouldn't normally do (I hated graphics, but have learnt I'm not half bad at them)

This landcomm is for all femslash tv and movie pairings, so come along, apply and join in the fun!

so go and apply here
Jill - Gotta Love Sexy Lawyers


Hey There! so i was wondering if anyone out there wants to beta a fic i have been writing. I know that there is a list of beta's on passion_perfect  but there is only one who specifically mentioned WMC as a fandom they would beta for.

um, the fic is currently handwritten and i am typing it up now. Obviously it will be a Jill/Cindy pairing.

Give me a prompt please...

I have a feeling (a very bad one) that my favorite pairing has died out. Seeing how this is something that I don't think I can deal with the way an adult should be able to I'm begging for fic request. A beta too, if anyone is up for it.

My portfolio isn't that diverse, but I'm up for a challenge. I really just want to see this pairing hang around for a little longer.
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2 Drabbles

I did the "fake fic meme" that was floating around LJ awhile ago [ "Tell me about a story I never wrote, (eg, "The one where Spock Prime and Sarek have tea and reminisce.") and I'll write you a snippet from it."]...

And 2 Jill/Cindy drabbles came out of it! Follow the cuts to my journal.

For ralst: The one where Jill and Cindy were trapped in the morgue over night?

fake fic #2 )


For darandkerry: The one where Denise caught Jill and Cindy 'getting it on'...on a weekend... on top of Denise's desk.

fake fic #5 )